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  2. In 2019, I intend to spend six months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. 2200+ miles. A life-changing event. All that sounds far more grand than the daily reality of sleeping on the ground, showering infrequently, enjoying dehydrated soups for every dinner, and wearing one outfit, which is why, to keep myself motivated and accountable, I’m setting out my reasons to give the AT a go. Hiking is My 2019 Quest In 2018, I decided I would read 365 books. ... The post Why I Will Tackle the Appalachian Trail appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  3. A little about myself and how my thru-hike on the Long Trail has inspired my plans for the AT. The post Taking a Right at the Maine Junction appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  4. Welcome to our weekly roundup where we carefully select and showcase the most impressive, hilarious, and all-around epic photos taken by hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. Use the hashtag #trekthePCT, #PacificCrestTrail or #PCT2018 for your chance to be featured! Here are few of our favorite photos from the week of Oct. 14 to Oct. 21 for your viewing pleasure. Happy trails! View this post on Instagram Trail work makes @k_moore really, really stoked! Had the chance to get out and put in some volunteer hours with @pctassociation in SoCal, ... The post This Week’s Top Instagram Posts from the #PacificCrestTrail appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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  6. Sarah Grothjan recently wrote an article for Outside detailing some of her experience with sexual harassment and solo adventuring. Not for the experience she described with a man she called Josh, but for the parade of harassment she described that women deal with regularly, I resonated with her. After reading the article, I wrote a Facebook post sharing some of my own experience with sexual harassment. Then, I deleted it. I deleted the post more out of a desire to keep some of my life private than anything else. ... The post As safe as I’ll ever be appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  7. What the heck is a flip-flop?! No one who has learned that I’m thru hiking the AT has been shocked, not in the least bit; in fact most have wondered what has taken so long. The first and obvious question consistently has been,“You’re thru hiking with Winnie, right?!” The second question, however, is where everyone seems to get confused. Me: ”So next years our year, the money’s right, the timing’s right, we’re thru hiking the Appalachian Trail” Them: “OMG! ... The post What the heck is a flip-flop thru hike and why in the world am I hiking one? appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  8. What does it take to turn a thru-hike turns into an 18-month adventure? That’s the central theme of today’s show, as the Cinnamon Connection is joined by Nathan “Puma” Bauman- who, after hiking the Appalachian Trail, next hiked on the Continental Divide Trail, Long Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail within a year and a half span. We talk about the differences between the three triple crown trails, what it’s like to quit on a thru-hike, why the Long Trail is the most difficult trail Puma’s encountered, ... The post Backpacker Radio Episode #21: Nathan “Puma” Bauman on His 18-Month Adventure, Photography Tips, and The Best Trail Magic Items appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  9. The idea for the Foothills Trail, a National Recreational Trail located in far western South Carolina, began in the 1960s as an effort to preserve and protect the beauty of the Appalachian Foothills. A trail corridor linking Table Rock State Park in the north/east to Oconee State Park to the south/west, was completed in 1981. The trail features sturdy bridges crossing over numerous rivers, beautiful waterfalls, a jaunt around a corner of Lake Jocassee and, on the eastern half of the trail, ... The post The Foothills Trail: A 77-mile Taste of the Southern Appalachians appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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    AT Sized Goals

    I cannot walk…you read that right. I am writing my first post from my wheel chair. But do not worry; as my friends will back me up, when I set my mind to something, I never give up. They will also say I sometimes wonder off, but I always come back with amazing stories. About three months ago I was riding my bicycle when, BAAM, a semi truck decided to take me out. After my dance with death, ... The post AT Sized Goals appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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    PCT 2018 Gear Review

    Just over a year ago, I began my first preparations for my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Giddy with the thought of a new and exciting adventure, all I wanted to do was plan. Yet life continually took over. I found myself scurrying around in the final days of my departure, kicking myself for procrastinating. Once I hit the trail, I began to realize that my lack of planning was perfect! Early on, I began to realize that it would be nearly impossible to have a base weight under 20 pounds with my old gear. ... The post PCT 2018 Gear Review appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  12. Woke up early in the morning to frost on the tent and a beautiful sunrise, with a view of Mount Hood in the far distance. The bear canister full of food and coffee was frozen, so it took some effort to open it. With coffee made and consumed, it was time to pack up and hit the trail! The day started off with the steep forest road – rocks and gravel created a blister situation on my already sore feet. ... The post Chinook Trail – Bluff Mountain Trailhead To Panther Creek / White Salmon (Days 3 & 4) appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  13. Let’s talk blisters. Often very small but ever so painful. Every time you take a step you feel a sharp pain, hundreds of little knives digging into your skin every single second. The presence of blisters can easily ruin a hike. When I tell people I am going to attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, they often wonder if I’m scared of bears, getting lost, hitch hiking and falling off cliffs. Truth be told, my biggest fear of hiking the Appalachian Trail is blisters. ... The post My Biggest Fear: Blisters appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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    In the Home Stretch

    Three Hundred Miles Left We have just 300 miles left to complete our journey. Chilli and I are loving the changing colors of the leaves and the cool, crisp days. We have had some some cool rainy days which make for great hiking days. Many people do not like hiking in the rain, but we love it! There are very little bugs, the temps are wonderful for making good miles, and it is so amazing at the end of the day to snuggle down into the sleeping bags and finding that perfect sweet sleeping spot. ... The post In the Home Stretch appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  15. Welcome to Mailbag with Jennifer Pharr Davis, where we take hikers’ questions and pass them off to the trail legend for her wisdom and analysis. JPD’s newest book, The Pursuit of Endurance is available now. Have a question for an upcoming Mailbag? Email editors@thetrek.co and we’ll pass it on. If your question is chosen for our next Mailbag, we’ll send you a signed copy of JPD’s newest book. My question is about health insurance for long-distance hikers. ... The post Mailbag with Jennifer Pharr Davis: Health Insurance for Long-Distance Hikers appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  16. 9/28 On Friday, September 28th, I load Dobby in my car after work and drive through the night to reach my brother’s apartment in New York at 7am. After a 3 hour nap, some last minute packing, and lunch, we drive to the endpoint of the Long Trail at the Vermont/Massachusetts border, where we leave my car. My brother then drives me another 5 hours to the trail start point near the Canada border. He’s a saint. ... The post I Open at the Close: Long Trail Day 0 (9/29) appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  17. Don’t worry, it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. It’s my resupply! I mentioned in my first post that I decided to send myself resupply boxes instead of buying all my food in my selected resupply towns. Though this gave me less flexibility about which towns to stop in, it guaranteed I would have Dobby’s high calorie/high protein dog food (I feed him Crave). Since the boxes are flat rate boxes, I filled them to brim with food that could cover 6 days worth of breakfasts, ... The post Lost on the Long Trail: What’s in the Box appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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    Adirondack 46ers announce

    The trails through the Elk Lake Conservation Easement Tract – to Mt. Marcy via Panther Gorge and to Dix Mountain – will be closed to public use for the duration of the big game hunting season beginning Saturday, October 20. The trails will reopen for public use on December 3.
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    Point Lobos.JPG

    There is something very peaceful about the ocean.
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    Point Lobos.JPG

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    Point Lobos.JPG

    Point Lobos California State Park.
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    Point Lobos California State Park.
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    Point Lobos California State Park.
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