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Project 100

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Allen Mtn

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The trail was fast and hard and I made great time in micro-spikes to Skylight Brook where I switched to K-10's and tromped my way to Allen Brook. At this point my progress slowed considerably and I found the hike to be very sinister and almost evil in feeling. The steep brook flows down in a very narrow and steep-walled cut in the mountain-side. The ascent is steep and very wild and rugged. After miles of approach the feeling I had was one of loneliness and malevolent surroundings. My thoughts turned to my first hike of Allen with Dominic which didn't help. The slide was so steep (how could I have forgotten after so many trips up that peak?) and my K-10's barely bit into the hardened snow pack. I was very glad to have brought my ax but once again regretted not having full crampons. Above the slide the trail is so steep! I was feeling my two previous days of hiking and kept putting one foot in front of the other and heaving myself upwards. I used the ax in various ways to aid my progress, including hooking it around trees and pulling.

I did not linger on the summit – no views anyway. The descent went much better than expected but, being alone and acutely aware of what a fall could result in, I took great care with every single step. Below the slide I was able to stride manfully and lose elevation quickly. I was at Skylight Brook in a twinkling.

I took a different way across and the ice bridge collapsed and sent me sprawling in the deep and swift water of the brook. I was totally soaked from mid-torso to tips of toes. I calmly got my footing and the rest of the crossing was pretty easy! Haha! I was swearing (mentally) to make a sailor blush.

On the other side I removed my pack and lay my fresh stuff out. Then I quickly removed my traction devices, boots, socks (2 pairs), shell pants, long underwear and underwear. Standing on the soaked footbeds that I pulled out of my boots I put on 2 new pair of socks, plastic bags (from Stewarts, no less!) and my synthetic puffy pants. With new footbeds inserted I pulled on and laced up my boots. Then I wrung out my wet stuff and shoved it into a plastic bag, put an extra wool hat on and took off up to the height of land.

I kept my soaked jacket and base layer shirt on thinking that over Project -100 I had worn them just about as wet when bushwhacking and this turned out to be OK. Also in my pack but not used I had another base layer shirt, a puffy jacket and a heavy-duty synthetic belay jacket plus other mitts and hats. All of my extra gear was inside a rolled up and tightly cinched dry bag inside my pack.

The hike out was long of course but the total time was just under 9 hours including the delay at Skylight Brook. I decided that I would not hike Street and Nye the next day.

02/25/2018 - Allen Mountain - Start: 8:03 AM Finish: 4:51 PM

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