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Green, Giant, and Rocky Peak Ridge

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At 6:30 we bare-booted up the North Trail over the little col at Owl's Head Lookout and paused for some awesome (hopefully!) pictures before trudging for miles uphill to our pre-determined jump-off point for Green. We had already ascended about 1500 feet total and Green stood about 1200 feet above us. Glen Bladholm (mastergrasshopper on the forum) and I had hiked Green end to end from Owl's Head and had nailed a beautiful descent (thanks TCD for the beta!) free of cliffs and thick vegetation. I had this route recorded in my GPS and we followed it up painlessly and in a twinkling were back down on the trail.

Initially I had thought we would exit those same 5-6 miles and drive around to Chapel Pond but at the last minute before heading out the door we decided to spot a car at Chapel Pond. So, we decided to press on and try our luck with the untraveled North Trail up Giant approximately 1700 feet above us. Turned out fantastic! With snowshoes on we never once broke through the crust and slowly and steadily made it to the top and then switched to crampons for the rest of the day. The out and back to RPR entailed another 1500 feet of elly gain, which we did slowly and steadily before donning our packs at the junction at 2:30 pm for an easy-peasy descent over packed snow that gave way to a river of ice that the K-10's killed in the afternoon sun that had softened the ice.

The hike out was interrupted drastically when I witnessed a young woman falling down the ice and injuring her ankle. Full report of that incident is right here.

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