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Point Au Roche State Park

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I was feeling lazy today. My initial plans were to hike Spruce Mt. with some friends, but just didn't want to get out of bed this morning. So I texted them to see if they too would rather hike Rattlesnake Mt. in Willsboro. They were feeling lazy also, so we hemmed an hawed on a few different hikes. Long story short it was just me and the pups, and we headed out to Point Au Roche State Park.

This is a very popular area all year long. I was surprised to have only run into two other people on the trail. This was nice because it allowed me to run the dogs off leash, and when I seen another person recalled them until the other hiker passed by.

All three pups came with me today, which is good as typically Hattie feels left out when we hike a mountain. Hattie is nursing knee surgery from last summer, and I'm taking it easy with her.

We went out on the point taking the orange trail, following the rim all the around.


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