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  1. OK, so this is a day late, and truthfully I celebrated on Tuesday, but still, Happy Stout Day! Here are a few that I sampled on Tuesday: Sloop Brewing Half Baked - a smooth oatmeal stout, much richer in taste than traditional oatmeal stouts, like Brown's Oatmeal Stout for example, mighty fine. Central Waters Brewing Space Ghost - a stout brewed with ghost peppers. WOW! Nice at the first sip, but the pepper takes over, enveloping the oral cavity in heat. Didn't burn like hell fire after the swallow though. Fun to try a sample, but not fun to drink, unless you enjoy pain. Stone Brewing Coffee Milk Stout - disappointed really. I expected more coffee at the sip, like Common Roots Coffee Cup, but it same up short. Smooth, but the lack of coffee bite and the creaminess made me sad. Bells Brewery Expedition Stout (2015) - I first had this back in March of 2015, and I noted it then as "chewy". Same today. Very rich and full, roasty and malty and a bit boozy at 10.5% ABV. Enjoyable for the style. Okole Maluna!
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