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  1. With consistently wet weather in the forecast and only 75 miles left to go, I headed out of Silverton for my last few days on the trail. Day 25- Hiking in the Ocean The first day out of Molas Pass was very wet with off-and-on rain and the clouds hanging low over the mountains all day. We passed by numerous waterfalls, including some flowing so strongly that they couldn’t be crossed without getting wet. After passing Cascade Creek, ... The post CT Part 6- To The End! appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  2. That is, the Atlantic Ocean Bittersweet love burst in my chest as I said farewell to my family and cats this morning – a morning which was now a continent ago. I’m exhausted, but thankfully I only have two hours left until I am officially allowed to pass out. In order to synchronize my brain with the new timezone which I have placed myself in, I must stay awake until nightfall; that way, hopefully, my jet lag will go away faster. ... The post Crossing The Pond appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  3. n August 5th, Andrew Skurka set the new unsupported Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Pfiffner Traverse. Running on just four hours of sleep, Skurka covered 76 miles and 28,0000 feet of elevation gain in 38 hours and 50 minutes. His time bests the previous record, held by Suzanne “Sunny” Stroeer, which was 54 hours and 41 minutes. The route is completed by most backpackers in six to ten days. View this post on Instagram And that’s a wrap. ... The post Andrew Skurka Sets New FKT on Pfiffner Traverse appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  4. Reality setting in. It has been months since I was supposed to start my northbound Pacific Crest Trail thru hike. I never made any official announcements because part of me did not want to accept that it was not happening. I held onto hope as long as I could. With being from California I had the luxury to wait till last minute to make the decision. Three days prior to my permit date, May 4th, I panic bought a few items thinking to myself: “Screw it others are getting out there, ... The post Breaking the Silence, from NOBO to NOGO. appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  5. I’ve been off trail for nearly a week, yet the natural high of pushing my body past it’s perceived limits and comfort zones still lingers. It’s a difficult feeling to describe; I’ve felt it at other periods of my life: harvesting my first bull elk with a bow and arrow, competing in my first jiu-jitsu tournament. It’s a natural buzz that’s only repeated by pushing your boundaries. That’s exactly what the John Muir Trail did to me. ... The post NOBO JMT Thru Hike: 9 Things I Learned appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  6. Take yourself back to early May, mid-quarantine, and there I was. Responsibly day-hiking when possible, bonding with my cat every day while remote working, and geeking out on gear lists for a very theoretical, eventual possibility of a Colorado Trail hike... The post Colorado Trail: Segment 1 appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  7. With just 150 miles left in the trail, we took a slightly unusual approach in our mileage between Spring Creek Pass and Molas Pass. Day 21- To The Yurt A slow morning in Lake City meant that we didn’t hit the trail at Spring Creek Pass until 11 am. This put us hiking more in the prime time for storms than normal. Several exposed sections, a normal component of the Colorado Trail through the San Juans, ... The post CT Part 5- Short & Long Days appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  8. After a zero day in Salida to eat good food and celebrate my birthday, I went back out on the trail for a final push towards Oleo Ranch, my second-to-last resupply. Day 15- End of the CW The day began with a ride back to Monarch Pass and then a few miles along the final section of the Collegiate West. I hiked with beautiful views and clear skies through the intersection with the Collegiate East. My hike was interrupted by a Dusky Grouse and several chicks along the trail. ... The post CT Part 4- Over San Luis appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  9. A love for the Appalachian Trail comes with a great respect for the trail. For me, this means not only respecting the physical trail, but also the guidelines from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy that always have the best interests of the trail and the people who love it in mind. This meant postponing my LASH of half of the trail, as most long distance hikers did when covid-19 became more rampant. By now, most of us are well aware that the guidelines are still asking us to postpone any long distance hikes. ... The post Hiking Within the Guidelines: Reflections on an Appalachian Trail Weekend Hike appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  10. n today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek we are joined yet again by famed Trail Angel, triple crowner, and author, Barney Scout Mann. This convo focuses largely on Scout’s new book, “Journeys North“, Scout’s beautiful account of his and Frodo’s 2007 PCT thru-hike. We learn what went into this immense research project, how he and Frodo fended off a bear with a two-part harmony, and we’re blessed with a short reading from the book. ... The post Backpacker Radio 77 | Barney “Scout” Mann on his New PCT Book, “Journeys North” appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  11. **Disclaimer about the categorization as unsupported** I took water from the AMC Huts and used their composting toilets. I deferred to the judgement of the folks who run Fastest Known Time about whether my hike should be considered Unsupported or Self-Supported, and it was decided that the huts are a White Mountains tradition, and that using the free services at the huts should not disqualify from being unsupported. I did not have anyone come join me at any point during my Direttissima. ... The post My Trip Report From Setting the White Mountains Direttissima Record appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  12. Surprisingly, my trek has gotten major attention. Granted, my intent was to speak out about injustice in light of the murder of George Floyd, by thru hiking the SHT. I feel strongly that social justice and environmental justice are intrinsically linked. I’ve encountered an array of people on my journey, including white people who seek me out for the following reasons: to talk about the ways they can eradicate racism, ask about ways to make ______ more inclusive, ... The post Hiking While Black appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  13. One more day till we’re out of the Basin. One more day till our resupply at South Pass City. Or so we thought! Sometimes you gotta bathe Ending a day on a relaxing note and starting it on a similar one, makes for a pretty “cruizey” attitude. We had one goal on our mind and it was NOT our resupply. Bathing in the Sweetwater River was our goal, and whatever happened after that was all good. ... The post The Great Divide Basin (final chapter) appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  14. The time arrived to make a decision I didn’t think I’d need to make. Do I push through this knee injury and stay on trail for as long as possible, or do I listen to my body (and my gut) and get off trail? The choice to stay on trail was based in fear: of failure, embarrassment, disappointment, weakness, and shame. Choosing to come off trail came from a place of gratitude, reverence, and humility. These are the qualities the trail brought to me again and again. ... The post Long Trail: Accepting When A Thru-Hike Is Ended appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
  15. “I pulled out my umbrella and held it aloft. There was no tangible difference in temperature under my portable shade, but the intensity of the sun was diminished and for that alone I was grateful.” – Heather “Anish” Anderson Any piece of gear deemed worthy of Anish on her 2013 FKT of the PCT deserves serious consideration. Eight ounces of weight is a fair price to pay for a reprieve from the desert sun. Though I wasn’t using my umbrella to shade me from that extreme of heat, ... The post Why Sun Umbrellas are Becoming Thru-Hikers’ Favorite Piece of Gear appeared first on The Trek. View the full article
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