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  1. With the onslaught of people enjoying nature, and that of social media advertising the locations of all these special places, thereby increasing the traffic in wilderness areas exponentially…Should we keep some of these hidden treasures to ourselves, or should we share for all to experience? View the full article
  2. The question of "To solo, or not to Solo?", has been a heated debate amongst sports, adventure, and exploration enthusiasts across the globe, and especially as it relates to the female species (*). I am, by no means, an authority in this matter, but I do have a very strong opinion on this topic, being a female, an introvert, and a person who absolutely needs to escape from the craziness of society in order to recuperate and rejuvenate. For me and many others, it's important to experience some of life's adventures...Alone. View the full article
  3. What started as a beautiful weekend of hiking and climbing, almost turned into a deadly event. I am being a little over-dramatic, but with good reason as you will soon see. View the full article
  4. Put Big Pines Lakes on your "Must Hike List"!!! My usual hiking area is from the Mammoth northward, so this trail really surprised me with it's grand scenery, gently flowing creek, and pristine alpine lakes. Similar to many trails in the Sierra, this is definitely one that shouldn't be missed. View the full article
  5. I could definitely live in Jasper...My kind of national park, quaint town, and mountainous topography. The town and park have so much to offer, from spectacular scenery to activities that challenge anyone's sense of adventure! We spent a week here, but I could spend a lifetime!!! Canada please take me away! View the full article
  6. Nothing has taken my breath away as the Canadian Rockies did when I first gazed upon their glorious sight last summer. I was blown away at the enormity of these mountains! Canadian Rockies are similar to the Sierra, but on steroids! It was as if I was transported to a whole different world, a place that I'd never ever want to leave. I truly fell in love with the mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes, rivers, animals, and yes especially, the Canadian people. If I had the opportunity to relocate there, I would in a heartbeat. Canada literally stole my heart! View the full article
  7. I've been winter snowshoeing and camping on many occasions, but this was the first time in eXtreme conditions. The Sierra Mountains are as stunning and spectacular as they are relentless and unforgiving. We are but mere specs in its vastness and power...As it very well should be. View the full article
  8. Three Sisters loop is one of the "must do" backpacking trips in Oregon. This scenic loop has quite diverse terrain, from gorgeous rivers, emerald lakes, splendid water falls, beautiful colorful wild flower-filled meadows, stunning jagged rock formations, to thousands of years old volcanoes. Follow me on my adventure through history... View the full article
  9. The trek to the summit of Mt. Wilson reminds you of a trail that hobbits would take...It's filled with ferns, moss, streams, water falls, and magical wonder! Dare to Explore! View the full article
  10. Snowshoeing to John's Meadow provides you with the beauty and tranquility of the forest, solitude, and an awesome workout! View the full article
  11. I started this blog to provide a living breathing document of my life and my adventures for family, friends, and others who share a passion for nature. View the full article
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